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Service Overview

Tired of juggling multiple tools and limited exposure? Chalta Karobar’s subscription plans offer a one-stop shop for sellers, giving you the features and functionalities you need to succeed.

Here’s how our customizable plans can benefit you:

  • Tailored to Your Needs: No more one-size-fits-all solutions. Choose a plan that matches your business size, industry, and listing strategy. We offer basic, standard, and premium options, each with features to boost your listings and attract buyers.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Increase your listings’ visibility with features like premium placements, category boosts, and targeted marketing tools (depending on your plan). Get your business in front of the right buyers who are actively searching.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Manage your listings, leads, and communication efficiently with our seller dashboard and productivity tools. Save time and focus on closing deals.
  • Data & Insights: Gain valuable insights into buyer behavior and listing performance through analytics tools (available in higher-tier plans). Use this data to optimize your listings and pricing strategies for better results.
  • Dedicated Support: Get priority access to our seller support team whenever you need assistance. Our experts are here to help you navigate the platform and maximize your selling potential (availability may vary based on plan).

Key Benefits Of This Service

Win Win Situation for both parties

Transparency Builds Trust: Our clear fee structure fosters trust between buyers and sellers, creating a healthy marketplace environment.
Informed Decisions: Knowing the fees allows both parties to make informed decisions throughout the transaction process.
Focus on the Deal: By eliminating confusion about fees, buyers and sellers can focus on the most important aspect: finalizing a successful business transaction.

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