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Booming Hologram Zoo High Tech - AED 1,065,170

Booming Hologram Zoo High Tech - AED 1,065,170 Booming Hologram Zoo High Tech - AED 1,065,170 Booming Hologram Zoo High Tech - AED 1,065,170 Booming Hologram Zoo High Tech - AED 1,065,170 Booming Hologram Zoo High Tech - AED 1,065,170

Booming Hologram Zoo High Tech Hologram Entertainment Centre for Sale

Investment: AED 1,065,170

Contact: +971582739199

Location: UAE


You’ve all seen holograms in science fiction movies and TV shows. Now you can be part of the new wave of hologram entertainment centers that are popping up all over the world.

We are a world leader in large scale hologram devices. They won TIME Magazine Award for Top Invention of 2023.

The company normally produces very high-quality hologram devices for groups like: Bentley, Airbus, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Four Seasons Resort, and other well-known organisations around the world, however, We understand that there’s a highly profitable market in large sized holographic devices for the entertainment industry.

This is not an established business with an established premises. Instead, we sell large Hologram Zoo systems consisting of hologram animal enclosures, hologram tunnels and other devices.

These devices can be set up in a permanent location or moved from place to place as a portable exhibition.

Customers will get to experience the feeling of having visited another country or be transported to a different environment while seeing a range of interesting animals. The animals and objects are hi-tech projections of laser light.

They look and act alive, but you can put your hand straight through them. Nothing like this has been seen in entertainment before.


Hologram Zoo was trialed at the largest museum in Australia (The Australian Museum in Sydney) and received 25,000 visitors in 42 days.

Guests paid around $23 (AUD) per person to see life sized hologram dinosaurs. One in every 200 people in Sydney came to see the show. This technology has won a lot of awards for being far more advanced than what has existed before, in July 2023 it appeared in over 106 articles worldwide in most of the world’s top media sites.

Main business information:

You purchase the equipment for $1.065M AED plus $183,650 AED paid annually.

We supply you with regular content (already a lot of content exists, based on animals, dinosaurs, and seasonal content like Christmas).

A single hologram set of equipment supports 80 to 100 customers per hour.

It’s 23m x 11m, and is 3.2 m high (71 by 35 feet, 10 foot high) but will need some extra space if you want to add a front counter and gift shop.

This business product is new and was only released for purchase in October 2023.

There are no competitors, large scale hologram equipment has previously been too expensive to be used for entertainment purposes.

We patented a new way to make Hologram equipment for around 5% of the cost.

Customers are families with children as well as older teenagers and young adults, there have also been highly successful trials with the elderly and disabled.

In doing your calculations you should consider that there are roughly 175 Non school days in most countries and 190 school days. Non-school days for entertainment are generally 10 times more profitable.

The center is mostly automated and can run with just two staff members.

We have created five full hologram shows already with durations around 30-45 minutes for the full experience, these are : Africa, Asia, Australia, Dinosaurs, North Pole / Christmas.

You may choose to set up the equipment yourself from our videos and online support, or for a fee we can send a qualified technician to train you to install (so may install it yourself for future shows) or we can send a team and do the full installation.

The manufacturer is in Australia, with offices / distributors in US, India, Oman, Japan and China, with European offices opening soon.

You can see the technology by traveling to Brisbane Australia, however showrooms are planned in other regions early 2024.

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This business can be relocated.

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